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As an added benefit, this also happens to be a fast and delicious family meal.

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Layered meats with smoked mozzarella and red peppers cooked to perfection on the Grilled Pizza Stone.

Dust the pizza peel with corn meal and transfer the dough round to the peel.

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Carefully place the calzone onto the Grilled Pizza Stone, being careful not to touch the pizza stone, as it is very hot.Carefully transfer the finished calzone to the baking sheet or slide onto the hot pizza stone in the oven.Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, until the crust is golden brown in spots.I agree with baka that the stone must be really hot--as hot as your oven can go (and completely preheated).

Place the calzone side by side on a floured baking sheet, (use 2 if needed), pizza stone or granite slab.

Make pizza night an authentic experience with our Classico pizza stone set.How To Cook Pizza On A Pizza Stone (A Step-by-Step Guide ) 1.Calzones are closely related to pizzas, sort of a folded over pizza.

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If you really want a seriously amazing pizza, you will want to make your dough from scratch.I like to brush them with melted butter about 15 minutes through the baking process to give them a lovely golden color.Bake on a pizza stone or lightly oiled pizza pan until golden brown, about 12-15 minutes.

Slide the calzones and the parchment paper onto the hot pizza stone or the bottom of the cast-iron skillets.Brandon Farrell of Stones Pizza (Second from left) at the Dairy Farmers Best of the Best Pizza Challenge, 2006.

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Pre-heat the sheet pan before baking calzones.) (If no pizza stone, use a pizza pan or heavy sheet pan.

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Preheat oven and pizza stone (if available) to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Or, if you have a pizza stone in your oven, place the parchment on a peel, for easiest transport.

To bake the calzones on a baking stone first sprinkle a pizza peel or perfectly flat baking sheet generously with cornmeal.Homemade Chicken Calzone Recipe, rustic pizza dough stuffed with chicken parmigiana, fresh mozzarella, thick arrabiata sauce and fresh basil.

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Thirty minutes before baking (and the dough is ready), place a Pizza Stone on the lower third rack or invert a metal pan and place on the rack.Panzerotti are similar to calzones, but fried rather than baked.I cooked mine on a preheated pizza stone to ensure the bottom had a nice, crispy crust.Our artisan sauce is composed of San Marzano tomatoes, imported from the Campania region of southern Italy, and a touch of mediterranean sea salt.Somehow though, cutting into the crisp, golden crust of a calzone to reveal a luscious filling is a different experience than eating a pizza.

Calzone dough for the bread machine gets rolled out and stuffed with pizza sauce, sausage and cheese.Place three or four of the calzones on the prepared peel and slide them onto one side of the stone, leaving some space between them.Manufactured from high temperature stoneware it is safe for.This ceramic glazed cordierite stone will not crack in extreme heat or cold, similar to the traditional cordierite pizza stone and also has added benefits.

Now, you will be able to cut your pizza directly on the stone.Trim the excess parchment from around the calzone and slide the calzone onto a pizza peel.