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PlayBook OS 2.1 also brings with it a number of enterprise features.The BlackBerry PlayBook can now connect to the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion server over-the-air and get support for ActiveSync.Tablet news, tablet leaks, January tablet deals, tablet prices, apps, tablet comparisons, 2-in-1, and tablet accessories, is otherwise the focus of

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The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet supports gestures from the device bezel (the frame around the display area of the screen).

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This ultra-portable tablet looks and feels great, measuring less than half an inch thick and weighing less than a pound.

Used Blackberry Playbook 32GB for sale in Leduc - Blackberry Playbook 32GB posted by Levi Bourque in Leduc.BlackBerry PRD-38548-002 PlayBook 32GB Tablet The BlackBerry PRD-38548-002 PlayBook 32GB Tablet features a blazing fast 1GHz dual-core processor, is less than half an inch thin, weighs under a pound, and is designed to keep up on the busiest of days without sacrificing battery life.BlackBerry Playbook launch targets consumers, businesses Research In Motion launched the BlackBerry Playbook at retail locations across Canada today.While the BlackBerry faithful at businesses across the country are an obvious target market for the 7-inch touch screen tablet, RIM.About Tabletmonkeys Tabletmonkeys is a tablet computer media company focusing solely on tablet computers.

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is a schizophrenic tablet that will bring great joy to some users but utterly baffle others.For some tasks it outclasses almost all other tablets yet it lacks some of the.

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Used but great condition and not locked to any Blackberry ID - letgo.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 brings together the best of BlackBerry communication applications, productivity tools, and your favorite apps, movies, and music to help you make the most out of every moment.From a size standpoint, the PlayBook is the size of a basic e-book reader, but has the function set of any tablet device.The seven-inch tablet will be available April 19 in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models that match the price of equivalent Apple.The BlackBerry Playbook Tablet is formatted to work for you and your business in a manner unlike any other tablet, with the same BlackBerry technology that has made their phones a necessary part of business life worldwide.

The BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB tablet runs on the OS operating system.

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Unfortunately, like the iPad, it lacks a microSD card slot to add storage.

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This tablet allows true multitasking with apps since 2011. 3 years ahead of the competition.

Simple Scoreboard for blackberry playbook apps Simple Scoreboard for BlackBerry PlayBook is the app that allows you to keep track of scores for two teams.